DigiByte Pay for WooCommerce

DigiCafe converts digital asset market rates in 30 currencies with zero additional fees. DigiCafe also handles transactions nearly instantly, even for Bitcoin. Deep integration with Bittrex Exchange facilitates automatic liquidation of your digital payments for cash. DigiCafe does not charge any transaction fees and works on the devices you already have, IOS and Android. 


Customer Selects DigiByte Pay Payment Method at Checkout

Your customers will complete their order information. Then select their preferred payment method at checkout. If DigiByte Pay is enabled, your customers will see the payment method at checkout.


Click Pay

Customer Clicks the Pay Button Which Triggers the QR Code Modal Window

After clicking “Place order,” your customer will then be directed to Pay for the order. Clicking the “Pay” button will activate the payment window with the QR Code


Getting Started
Setting Up Bittrex (Optional)
  1. You will need to have an account with Bittrex in order to use DigiCafe. Sign up for an account here: Bittrex Register
  2. Once your account is approved, you will need to access your API Keys under your Bittrex Account Settings.
  3. In your Bittrex account under Site Settings, click “API Keys”
  4. Click “Add new key…”
  5. Your Key and Secret will show. The Secret Key will only show once. If you close the page you will not be able to copy the Secret Key. If this happens you must generate new keys.
  6. Click all of the toggles (Read Info, Trade, Withdraw) to the right on position.
  7. Save your Bittrex API Key settings.
  8. Copy your Key and Secret, then paste them into the correct settings in DigiCafe (Bittrex API Key setting).
  9. DigiCafe will automatically fetch your Bittrex Deposit addresses.
  10. Once this is complete, you can begin using the point of sale.

Auto Sell

BITTIDE has the ability to automatically place sell orders after your transactions are processed. This option will sell your digital assets at market rates and provide conversion to cash. You can withdraw your USD balance in Bittrex to your connected bank account.

Holding Coins

When the auto sell feature is off, your coins will be deposited into the deposit addresses you entered into the settings.

Currently Accepted Coins

DigiCafe currently accepts the following digital assets:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • DigiByte
Processing Time

DigiCafe processes transactions nearly instantly for every asset. Traditionally some coins take longer to confirm than others, however DigiCafe can provide a transaction number and confirm the amount sent nearly instantly, even for Bitcoin transactions.

Customer Receipts

Yes, you can send your customers receipts by email after each successful transaction.